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The Sticky Truth about the 5 different Types of Lubes

The Sticky Truth about the 5 different Types of Lubes

Sam Mendes |

This is a blog post that will take you on a hilarious and easy ride through the world of lubricants during sexual activities. We'll uncover why some can be sticky (and my secret little tip) and reveal which ones are perfect for sex toys and using condoms. Which lube to use for hot moments in the shower and the reason why there are lubes on the market for those looking to conceive. And my personal enemy of those lubes. And I guess we don't really need to dive into the awesome perks of Lubricants, right?

1. The most common and popular: Water-based Wonders.

But let's start with the sticky mystery: Why the hell do some lubes feel sticky? Water-based lubes are non-sticky at the moment of the application. But, as they start to dry out, they can turn sticky. It's like a temporary glue situation. Technically speaking it is an evaporation of the water. As the water content in the lube evaporates, the remaining ingredients, such as glycerin or other thickeners, can become more concentrated, resulting in a stickier texture. Additionally friction and body heat (hell yeah!) can contribute to the stickiness of the lube. My tip here: When it starts to feel sticky: Go south with your mouth, kiss it and add a good amount of saliva. This will make the slip-and-slide sensation alive again for round 2, 3, 4, etc. Water-based lubes are like the superheroes of compatibility. They play well with most toy materials, including silicone. So go ahead and lube up your favorite playthings without worry.

- Safe to use with latex condoms
- Safe to use on vibrators and other sex toys
- Easy to clean up since it won't stain most fabrics
- Good option for those with sensitive skin
- Not the best option for under the shower. Water-based lube will quickly rinse away in water.
- Dries out much quicker than other lubes
- Most of the water-based lubes contain glycerin which is not a problem per se but in a small percentage of users it may cause vaginal irritation and increase the chance of a yeast infection


2. Silky Silicone

Silicone-based lubes are longer-lasting and less sticky than their water-based counterparts. However, using too much or combining them with silicone toys can lead to stickiness too. It's like putting too much frosting on a cake - things get a little gooey. And what is the story with using silicone-based lubes damaging sex toys? Well it depends on the material your sextoy is made of. If your sex toy is made of or contains silicone, you may want to stick to water-based lubricants as silicone-sextoys don't like the silicone-based lubes.

- Safe to use with latex condoms
- Extremely long lasting
- Less applications needed
- If you are a fan of shower sex: This is the one.

- Can be difficult to clean up; you'll need soap and water to wash silicone lube off your body.
- Can stain clothing, sheets, and hardwood floors.
- Avoid using silicone lube with silicone sex toys, as it will gradually cause the sex toy to deteriorate. Just make sure your sex toy is not made of silicone too.

 3. Oil based lubes

You guessed it right: They last the longest. I will never forget the shitty 2in1-lube I tried out which was made specifically for both: sex and massage. It was water-based. Complete failure. Initially it was quite decent to massage but suddenly it ended in a very sticky situation... (Aaaand we were still at the very beginning of the foreplay! Her back was full of crumbs from the breakfast we had in bed. So this is why oil based lubes stay definitely my first choice for massages.)

It is also a great choice for some hand-jobs under the shower. It is clearly not the favourite for penetrative sex and here is why: It tends to linger inside the body and may cause a build-up of bacteria that leads to irritation. In addition, it's not safe to use oil-based lubes with latex sex toys or latex condoms - the oil can weaken the latex, turning your protection into a potential disaster and putting you at risk for sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy. It can also be difficult to clean up and may stain clothing and sheets. For those who like natural products, they will like the nice smelling coconut oil. Other oils are avocado, olive oil, etc.

- Extremely long lasting
- Shower-proof
- no chemicals
- Best choice for massages

- Not suitable for condoms (they might break. Safety first, pleasure second!)
- Not suitable for sex toys
- Not recommended for penetration
- Can stain clothing, sheets, and hardwood floors

4. Natural Aloe Vera-based lubes

As we all know, aloe vera is very popular for so many things, which is why it has also gained popularity as a natural lubricant. But it can have an odor, which may not be optimal for all sexual situations. This is why many of the products are mixed with other flavours like cherry, banana, mango, etc. (and even lime pie and piña colada!) It also dries out faster than other forms of lube, and thus it may require reapplication during sex.

- natural
- no chemicals
- environmentally sustainable product (Aloe Vera grows easily with little need for water)

- smell (but there are great products on the market flavoured with mango, banana, cherry, strawberry, etc
- dries out faster than other forms of lube

5. Special Lubes

There is also a wide range of other lubricants like for Anal-sex or special lubes that are suitable for having sex while trying to get pregnant. (If you are having sex in hopes of getting pregnant, be aware that many forms of lube impede sperm mobility. Seek out a style of lube specially formulated to be sperm-friendly). There is a very large selection of anal sex lubricants. They are thicker and longer lasting than standard lubrication options. Thicker silicone lube may be best to prevent condom breakage.

The key message here is: Different types of lube work better for different purposes.


All of them are my personal winners.
Massage and foreplay: A good smelling massage oil.
Sextoy-play: Water-based lube.
Penetrative sex: Silicone-based lube.

Remember, what feels sticky to one person may feel perfectly smooth to another. It's all about finding the lube that suits your unique taste and style. Lubricants are the secret sauce for a slip-and-slide adventure in the bedroom. They bring comfort, pleasure, and endless fun to your intimate moments. Just remember to choose the right lube for your needs, whether it's water-based for condoms or the perfect match for your favorite toy. Get ready to slide into pleasure and explore the hilarious and slippery world of over 1500 lubes in our shop!

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